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Money Ruins Happiness

Money is the route cause of all evil in this life. It places so so many pressures on society, on people who truly are happy and cause them to become a total mess! Its something that really affects my mood I know particularly when I don’t get my own way or when I know is best for me and for my life and the idiot ‘Loan Officers’ do not see it that way….

I remember the times when you had a more personal relationship with your bank manager before everything become based in head offices… I could have walked in to my bank manager and said that I needed money for a,b,c and I was well able to pay it off, he would have said ok and if you have an problems let me know….. Now its a case where i need to say x,y,z because I know they would not give me the money for the real reason I need it, I need to lie and provide a ridiculous amount of information to them and then they turn around and say no!!!

Today, I went and asked for a sizable amount of funds €2.5k to cover stuff……… Overdrafts/payments and Christmas….. Before today I could of gotten approved instantly now it takes a number of days. It annoys me, makes me sad. No matter how much I seem to earn it’s never enough. In about 2 years I will be debt free and I will definitely have enough to love my life.

I just can’t wait to get to that point. At this point I’m thinking about the loan application today and part of me knows I need the money but part of me would like to see me sacrificed to getting the money together if I didn’t get it. I just don’t know what is best……


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My Musings, My Thoughts & My Ponderings


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