My Surreal Life

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Why I Am Posting

I’ve been put in a situation when I’ve become a Step-Parent to 4 wonderful children.  I’ve been with my partner since February 2010.  I move in May 2010.  So officially a year ago I became an instant parent and there is nothing I can do about it.

I love my partner I really really do, but sometimes its hard to vent or make him understand things that i’m dealing with.  He planned to some degree the appearence of the children.  I on the understand, fell in love and had to get to know 5 individuals and not just one.

There are also the issues with the ex, with the kids and dealing with everything that comes along with money, house and a career.

I’m hoping that as I go through the next 12 months, things will really settle down and we will fall in to a nice pattern that develops on what we have already.


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My Surreal Life

My Musings, My Thoughts & My Ponderings


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