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Men & Sports

I am constantly amazed by men and sports and how they almost always get way more worked up about sports results than they do about their lives.  Mr Rockstar loves his football and if his team are not winning it affects his mood totally.  It drives me mad.

Its like he could personally make everything better if he was either a player or a manager, or that if they could just hear his directions through the tv life would be all okay. For a painful 90 mins twice a week, i have to listen to his comments, on why they are crap, how they are playing rubbish and how they don’t stand any chance in the league this year.  He maintains all

the time then why I try to have an opinion that i’m a woman and i don’t understand.  To which i always response that its men running around a field with a piece of leather, its really not that amazing of a concept.  Not to mention when they get fouled and roll around on the ground crying because their hair is a strand out of place.

It annoys the hell out of me when he watches sport because if and when the team lose, he goes around with a snappy head on him like he really believes there was something he could personally do to change the outcome.  Even today, they are down to 10 men, at least a goal down at this stage and he head on him looks like he has been told he has about an hour to live.  When they lose and its over, he will sit with a head on him, he will tell me what should have gone different and i’ll try to nod in the most believable way I can when in actually reality I couldn’t give a FLYING FUCK about football.

I’m assuming hit happens with most men in the world, and its not just my man, at least I hope its not because i’ll have to send him to a rehab place of some description. He is watching with so much intent, roaring at the TV and swearing.

A man’s love of football I don’t understand. But it always makes me wonder then what way they love a woman.  Its a strange thing to watch men watching sport, if I was a psychologist, I would love to professional study the whole situation.

Is it a method of escapism? More to the point, is it healthy that something they have no control over can annoy them so much……..


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