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A Life Worth Living


A lot of people in our area seem to have a negative view on marriage and commitment. Some are divorced and in second relationships, others are in long term ‘committed’ relationships. Those that are in ‘committed’ relationships have more often then not exchanged an engagement ring at some point but haven’t yet managed to make it down the aisle due to childbirth, finances but I believe a lot of it comes down to laziness.

I don’t want to stand from a high horse and sound like a 50s Housewife but you ultimately get something from a marriage that you will never get from a long-term committed relationship and I don’t care who tries to argue me on that. In a marriage, you say vows, you make a everlasting commitment to another person in front of family, friends and whatever higher power you believe in. There is no easy way out of marriage.

20121119-083626 p.m..jpg

I do firmly believe that you can be in a relationship, get married and experience more in that short period of time emotionally than anyone can in a long-term relationship. Why do couples not feel the need to progress their relationship further, they want to have kids so why do those kids not deserve parents who will fight it out for them and give them an example of proper relationship and a proper marriage.

The dissolution of the institution of marriage concerns me because I look at my own locality and know for a fact that there are a certain number of children who don’t know who their father is, therefore, is there going to be an epidemic of inbred childhood development diseases in the next generation.

Children deserve to see an example and they to have parents who are willing to fight through everything to stay true to the vows they have made. I’ve seen too many people just walk away from long-term relationships because they can. It’s a simple get out of my house and that’s the end of that. I’m not idolizing the institution of marriage but I definitely believe there is a change that occurs when you make that commitment. There is no way to define in words how it feels, but there is a shift in emotions and a shift in responsibilities! A wedding day makes you look to the future, realize the significance of what you are about to undertake and really focus on it being the right thing to do. There is a moment just before you walk up the aisle where you become still and in that moment you know exactly whether or not you are happy with your decision. It’s a strange feeling but you know what you are about to do is so real. And you find peace.

I’ve seen the by-products of so many fail long-term relationships by people who never were married and just proposed because it was the right thing to do after a certain number of years and not necessarily because they really wanted to. And they still haven’t made it up the aisle. It’s scary to think that an engagement ring is a obligation for some people after awhile and the promise it comes with never materializes.

Why not that commitment? Why not take that step forward? It’s only to ponder in your own life!


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