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Future Generations & Their Religious Quest

I’ve has this conversation with my mom several times recently and we have come to the same conclusion, irrespective of our varing beliefs! The youth of today do not not have any spiritual influence in their lives.

They worship singers, celebrities and sports personalities who exude money, power and influence. These individuals do not speak much of their spiritual or religious beliefs. It’s rare on a Sunday that you find the papers buzzing with pictures of these individuals coming out of church or ever attending anything spiritual.

Children today do not appreciate the value of spirituality of any kind, the ability to be alone with your thoughts and reflect for even a few minutes seems lost on this generation. But ultimately who’s fault is it? Parents, teachers, or society?

Should parents be forcing religion on their offspring? Should the religious program be more structured in schools to cover everything as opposed to the religious order that school is associated. Who is to blame for a lack of spirituality?

Preschools are not allowed mention Jesus or nativity or Silent Night, everything has to be happy holidays, Santa and candy canes! From a young age the children are shunned away from religion. I’m not overly religious but for my children’s sake I try and I encourage. I think it’s important for them to make up their own decisions and be able to have the interest to make these decisions when they are older. If they have never been shown a religious/spiritual life they will never find religion in their later years.


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